Thursday, January 30, 2014

Be Savvy, Be Chic, Be YOU!

Have you ever watched a 3 year old girl marching around in a tutu, super hero cape, and rain boots, utterly convinced of her own POWER and BEAUTY?  Have you been lucky enough to meet an 83 year old woman who has thrown on a wide-brimmed hat, several chunky necklaces, and a bright red cardigan and knows without a doubt that she is FABULOUS?

What is it that happens to us between 3 and 83 that robs us of our self-confidence and innate sense of self-worth?

Part of the mission of Be Savvy Chic is to help us reclaim the knowledge that at every age, stage, size, and style, we are each SPECIAL and BEAUTIFUL just by being our perfectly imperfect selves.  Your only job in this life is to BE YOU.  You do not owe it to anyone to look a certain way, think certain things, or fit into a certain mold.

It's a great idea to enjoy this body during our limited time in it.  Go ahead, eat right, exercise, take care of your hair and skin, and have fun expressing yourself with fashion, makeup, and accessories!  But these choices should all come from a place of self LOVE , from a desire to be an authentic, healthy version of YOU.

Be Savvy Chic gives you the chance to be part of a counter-cultural community and alternative lifestyle.  This is a place where you simultaneously save money and give money, a place where the dollars you choose to spend on fashion and self-expression help orphans across the world join their forever family, a place where you join a sisterhood of Savvy Chicks who want to build up and empower one another, and a place where you are worth SO VERY MUCH MORE than the price tag on your jeans.

Please join us!  Be Savvy, Be Chic, Be YOU.

Be You Photo Series

It is in this spirit that photographer Elena Caron and I designed the Be You photo series, an artistic representation of two of the many authentic versions of each model.

Be You Photo Series

Whether simple or glam, any true version of yourself is beautiful!  Thank you so much to our Savvy Chicks who participated as models: Lera Cline, Libby Facchine, Alison Brady, Lily Duchesneau, Laura Jackson, Liz Pardue-Schultz, Jeanine Denning, Mackenzie Palladino, Danielle Palladino, Arionne Walker, and Montiah Tumbleson for sharing their genuine, lovely selves.

Time to Be You

In the interest of encouraging us to take time for ourselves this year, Be Savvy Chic is offering Time to Be You gatherings each month, a chance to visit with friends, enjoy refreshments, and unwind.  We can pamper ourselves with featured Mary Kay products, shop Be Savvy Chic clothing and accessories, or just enjoy a glass of wine!  Our first event Silk & Satin was so much fun, check out the pics!

Time to Be You:  Silk & Satin

The next gathering is Kisses & Winks on Saturday, February 22 at 7:00pm.  We will learn to do a red lip, try out some different Mary Kay mascaras, browse Be Savvy Chic bargains, but most of all we will just have fun catching up.  There will be wine and coffee plus Kiss Cookies by Libby Facchine.  We always take time to be mom, daughter, employee, wife, student, but don't forget to take time to just be YOU!

New Logo

As we describe what Be Savvy Chic is all about, it is my pleasure to reveal our new logo symbolizing our brand, designed by the wonderful Mark Caron.  Words cannot express my appreciation for him generously giving of his time and talent!
Look for this elegant logo as we update the blog, FaceBook page, Instagram, and soon-to-come new business cards and other be Savvy Chic products.  When you see this logo, let it be a reminder to be SAVVY enough to make your dollars count more for yourself and others, be CHIC enough to build up one another, and be confident enough to be YOU!   
Be Savvy, Be Chic, Be YOU!

Roach Family Adoption Update

Earlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to do Personal Shopping for coordinating outfits for the first-ever Roach Family of 5 Portrait by Jen Hoffman Photography. This family is in the process of adopting Lera and Vitalik (right and left of Colby), and 10% of all Be Savvy Chic proceeds are currently going towards their adoption. It is such a gift to feel like the dollars we normally spend on fashion and makeup can now become part of this beautiful family's story. Check out their fundraising link below (and the wonderful new family portrait!)

Lera and Vitalik returned to Ukraine after their holiday visit, and I know the many month waiting process for being reunited as a Forever Family is difficult on everyone. So please, let's all help bring these kids back home ASAP! 

Schedule an appointment to shop Be Savvy Chic any time or let me be your Personal Shopper and 10% will continue to help this family.  Our total adoption donations so far (to multiple families) are about $1600!  For more information on Be Savvy Chic, check out our commercial, generously done by Brian Lewis of New Frame, LLC.

Contact Tracy to schedule a time to shop or make personal shopping requests!

Tracy D. Birdwhistell