Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter or Spring?

Is it Winter or Spring?  Who can tell!  Here are a few remaining winter clearance items, as well as a couple of great new items for spring!

SOLD!!! Brown Diego di Lucca Boots, size 9, only $5!

Retail approx $300

SOLD!!!  Michael Antonio boots, size 10, now only $5!

Retail approx $150

Ivory Charter Club Sweater, size S, NWT, only $5!

Ivory Earmuffs, NWT, retail $24, now only $2!


Fuchsia Express Cashmere blend Sweater, size S, $5

SOLD!!! Apt. 9 Fedora, NWT, retail $32, now $2!

Black Doncaster Blazer, size 10, retail approx $575, now only $10!

Green Sweater w/ Fur Beaded Collar, size approx S-M, only $5!

Multi-colored Handkerchief Shirt, NWT, size M 

retail $65, now only $15!  

New for Spring!

Magenta Peacock Pring Silky Shirt/Dress w/ Beaded V-neck, Size M, NWT, Retail $72, now only $15!  

New for Spring!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leather Weather!!!

It's Leather Weather! 

And whether the weather is COLD, 

or whether the weather is HOT, 

You look good in leather, whatever the weather, 

whether you know it or NOT!

Green Charter Club Leather Jacket, size S, only $10!

Dark Oxblood Red Leather Coat/Jacket, Size M, $20

Light Stone Khaki Leather Shirt w/ Buttons and Stitching, Size M, $10

Closeup of Khaki Leather Shirt Stitching

Hot Pink Leather Shirt/Jacket w/ Snaps, Size S, $10

Light Lime Green Leather Shirt/Jacket w/ Zipper, size S(4), $10

Etcetera Brand Leather Skirt, Brown/Purple/Green, size 6, 

Retail Approx $335, Now $15

10% of ENTIRE SALES goes to the adoption of these beautiful children.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Clearance Sale

January 19, 2013

10:00am - 4:00 pm

8209 Netherlands Dr.

Raleigh, NC  27606

10% of ENTIRE SALES goes to the adoption of these beautiful children.

 Are you kidding?  We get to help bring these kids home to their forever family?  Thank you God for this beautiful opportunity.

This is the sale you've been waiting for, whether you knew it or not!
  • $5 for all full-length PANTS
  • $5 for all SWEATERS
  • $5 for all closed-toed SHOES
  • $3 for all HATS and SCARVES
  • 50% off many other WINTER ITEMS
Any winter items that do not sell well be donated, so this is your last chance to purchase these clothes!   Come early for the best selection.   

Ann Taylor Loft size 12-16!  ONLY A FEW LEFT!

SOLD!!! Chico's Brown Beaded Jacket,size 1, NWT, Retail $149

Doncaster Black Blazer, size 10, used, Retail ~ $575

SOLD!!! Croft & Barrow Black Sweater, size M, NWT, Retail $44

Charter Club Ivory Sweater, used, Retail $44

ONE LEFT! Hats $3, most NWT

SOLD! Gold Crochet Sweater, used

SOLD!!! Antonio Black/Zebra boots, used, Retail~$145

Ann Taylor Loft Tan Sweater, size XS

SOLD! Sonoma Teal Hooded Sweater, size S

SOLD! I*Ronson Sweater Jacket, size M


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Giving Back!

On December 29, my last sale of the year, Savvy Chic reached profitability! Today I'm making my first 10% donation to Redline United ( Sure, it's only $20, but I'm so excited by what it represents. This will hopefully be the first check of many!
When I started the Savvy Chic Boutique in the fall, I didn't know how long it would take to reach profitability, but I did know that once I reached that point, I wanted to give 10% of all profits to Redline United, the non-profit organization that helped bring my niece and nephew, Lera and Vitalik, into our family.  They help bring many Ukrainian orphans home to their forever families.

Of course I could have written a check for $20 to Redline United last summer and skipped all this!  But my hope is that I'm establishing a business that I love, which can also continually give back to an organization that I believe in.  Just think, at least the next few sales will be 100% profit, and 10% of total sales will be able to go to Redline United!

Just in time for the BIG WINTER CLEARANCE SALE!  Stay tuned for more information, you aren't going to want to miss this one!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who are you?

Here's your chance to try out all your different personalities.  Which of these great finds will suit your style?  Who do you want to be today?  At these prices, why not try multiple personalities!

Email (, Call, or Text (919.656.6260) if you are interested. First come, first serve!


Etcetera brand Pink Leather Jacket, used, size 0.  $20

Retail Approx $495

Cache brand Black Crochet Halter Top, used, size XS,  $15

 Retail Approx $118

Clio brand Khaki Leather Shirt w/ crochet seams, used, size 4, $15

 100% Genuine Leather

SOLD! Doncaster brand Black Jacket, used, size 4, $15

 Retail Approx $435

Etcetera brand Leather Skirt, used, size 6, $15

 Retail Approx $335

SOLD! Etcetera brand Capris Pants Suit, used, Jacket size 4, Pants size 6

$10 each ($20)

 Retail Approx $350+

Peck & Peck brand Silk/Linen Skirt w/ Gold Embroidery, used, size 8, $10

73% Silk, 27% Linen

Twelve by Twelve Los Angeles brand Black Mini Dress, used, size M, $15