Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As Be Savvy Chic grows (yay!), I thought it might be helpful to post a few answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.  Let me know if there are other questions you would like to see included on this list!

Sales Tax

As of April 1, 2013, Be Savvy Chic is going legit!  Sales tax will now be applied to all orders.  I had planned to hold off another year on this step, but with current sales volume, my accountant thought it was a little too risky to wait!


Be Savvy Chic is happy to ship your order!
-Small Flat Rate box $6
-Medium Flat Rate box $12
-Large Flat Rate box $16
-Larger package, I will weigh and give you a shipping estimate.

If the medium or large flat rate boxes are not the best price, I try to package it in a different box. Usually for larger orders I can give you a price reduction to partially offset shipping.


Be Savvy Chic accepts cash, check, money order, or Paypal.  Paypal charges 3%, so that fee will be added to your total if paying in this way.

Items On Hold

If you see an item you like  in a Facebook or Blog post, just let me know and I am happy to hold the item for you to try on!  I will hold the item for one week, or if you mail payment, I will hold it longer.  If you mail payment, but then change your mind about the item, your payment can be applied to your next order.

Personal Shopping

I love to do personal shopping!  If you have a specific item you are looking for, just let me know.  If I see something I think you might like, I can txt you pictures and price to see if you're interested.  I prefer to get your approval before purchasing;  however, in general you are not committed to buying the item. In certain cases, if I do not think I can resell or return an item, I will let you know up front so you can decide if you want to commit to the purchase.

Once I purchase an item specifically for you, we can schedule a time within the next week for you to come try it on.  Or, you can mail payment, and I will hold it until we can schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Purchasing Inventory

I typically shop at Goodwill, Thrift Stores, and Sale Racks.  Also, I am happy to take your donations!  If you have items you were intending to take to Goodwill, I am happy to come pick up your entire donation, filter out the items I can re-sell, and deliver the rest to Goodwill for you.  It is VERY helpful to get these donations!  It helps keep Be Savvy Chic prices low and passes greater savings on to our Savvy Chicks!

If you have clothing items that you are trying to sell, (whether for an adoption fundraiser or just because you need the cash!)  I usually suggest that you try to sell them for as much as you can first.  However, if that doesn't work, I can sometimes pay up to $2 apiece for items.  I do try to strictly limit how much I spend on inventory month to month, so I sometimes cannot buy items when asked. 

Giving Back 

As of January 1, 2013, Be Savvy Chic has donated at least 10% of every dollar spent to Redline United (www.redlineunited.org), the organization that helped bring my niece and nephew into our family.  So far, all of these donations have been designated to a specific family.

Also, some of our clothing purchases have now been from adoption fundraisers,  which is a way we can give even MORE.  If I buy a shirt for $2 from an adoption yard sale, then sell it for $5 and donate 10% of that sale, then 50% of the purchase price of that item went directly to helping bring orphans home!

Be Savvy Chic has also had opportunities to donate clothing items to people in need via school collections, angel trees, etc.  We look forward to more of these opportunities in the future!

Spreading Love!

I have wonderful news!  Thanks to all of YOU savvy chicks, Be Savvy Chic has now been able to donate a total of $426 to the N&K adoption AND generate $240 towards the Kaiser's adoption.  That's in only three months!  Girls, I think we're on to something!

Think of it this way. What is your annual clothing budget? What if 10% of every item of clothing you bought went to help orphans come home to their forever families? For some of you, that's a lot of money! For others of you, it's not a huge amount. But for ALL of you together...it's definitely a significant sum! That's where Be Savvy Chic comes in...I'm happy to announce that a minimum of 10% of every sale (not just profits) goes towards helping unite orphans with their forever families. You are each part of something bigger than yourself, and for that I thank you!

N and K afamilyforsiblings.blogspot.com

Alex www.helpbringalexhome.com

When I started Be Savvy Chic last year, I committed to give 10% of all PROFITS to Redline United (www.redlineunited.org).  As of January 1, 2013, Be Savvy Chic has donated at least 10% of all PROCEEDS to this organization.  Also, some of our clothing purchases have now been from adoption fundraiser yard sales,  which is a way we can give even MORE.  If I buy a shirt for $2 from an adoption yard sale, then sell it for $5 and donate 10% of that sale, then 50% of the purchase price of that item went directly to helping bring orphans home!  I can't tell you how excited I am as I consider the long-term possibilities of what a difference WE can all make in the lives of these marginalized children, simply by redirecting a portion of our clothing budgets.

One more opportunity for you!  Allison Kaiser is making these awesome scarves in various colors to raise money for their adoption.  The scarves are $20 each, and 100% of the sales go towards bringing Alex home.  And you would have an awesome statement piece accessory!  Let me know if you want one.

I will continue to share with you opportunities to support good causes with your purchases.  Thank you sincerely for participating in this alternative economy with me, where we use our buying power to assist the least of these and spread love in the world.

Monday, March 11, 2013


 So, I'm loving the continual realizations of how Be Savvy Chic can work to benefit adoptions in an on-going, cumulative way. This weekend the Kaiser's had a yard sale to hopefully raise the last money they need to bring sweet Alex home.
I was able to purchase 35 items to resell. I paid $2 apiece for the items, and thanks to a generous matching donor, that generated $140 for the Kaiser's adoption. I'm now going to try to sell the clothes, with 10% of every sale going towards the N&K adoption.

If the items sell for an average of $5 apiece, 50% of the sale price of each item will have benefited adoptions!

I found this treasure digging at the Kaiser's yard sale! Dolce & Gabbana White V-neck 3/4 Sleeve Sweater. According to several websites, this would probably retail for $675. There is no size tag, but it is probably XS.

It can be yours! Just comment on this blog post  the price you are willing to pay, and the highest bid will win! 100% of the sale price will go to the Kaiser's adoption. http://www.helpbringalexhome.com/
I have this posted on Facebook as well, so I will update the blog comments with any bids posted on Facebook. 

 I will keep the bidding open until Friday, March 15 at midnight.

But of course, this brand name sweater was NOT the best treasure I found digging at the Kaiser's yard sale.  Meeting two joy-filled people in the midst of this insane miracle in which God has called them to participate, surrounded by loving friends and supporters, and seeing the small ways we all can participate in bringing this miracle and future miracles to fruition, that's the TRUE treasure I found at this yard sale. And that treasure can't be ripped, stained, or out-grown!

 Sonoma, size PL, Every Day Dress, $5
 Black/Silver Flecked Liz Claiborne Turtleneck, size PS, $4
Willow & Clay shirt/dress, size S-M?, Retail approximately $88, now $7.

Vintage Argenti 100% silk peplum top, $6.
 Ruby Rd. Coral Tie-dye tee, $6.
SOLD! XXI Dress, size S, $7.

 Black Cato Argyle Sweater, size M, $5.
 John Paul Richard Faux layered Shirt, size XL?, $5.
 Apt 9 silky shirt/dress, size M, $7.
 Apt 9 silky shirt/dress, size M, $7. Can be belted!
 Kim Rogers sweater, size M, $6.
 Kelly green Kim Rogers Cardigan, NWT, Retail $48, now $6.
Perfect for St. Patrick's Day!
 Pretty Good Sheer V-neck shirt w/ tie waist, size M?, $6.
Great for St. Patrick's Day!
Size 2 pants, $5.  American Eagle, Gap, etc.
Black/White Flecked Express Wool Turtleneck, size L, $5.

 Baxter & Wells Faux Layered Shirt, size L, $5
 Red Ann Taylor Ruched Shirt, size 12, $6.
 Timing Shirt/Dress w/ tie waist, size L, $7.
 Brick Red/Pink Rafaella V-neck, size M, $6.
Angie Sheer Shirt w/ tie waist, size M, $6.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


SOLD! Old Navy Plaid Sundress, size XS, NWT, retail $35, now $8.
Cream Express Short Sleeve Sweater, size XS, $4.
Navy Sahara Jute Wedges, size 8, 9, or 10, New in Box, $15!
Simply Vera Wang Orange Satiny Espadrilles, size 6, New in box, Retail $60, now $14.
Zentiques Flower Bracelets $3 each!

 Great Small - Medium Outfit

  Ann Taylor Loft Cargos w/ adjustable Length, size 4P, $5 each.
 SOLD! Brown Crochet Sweater, size S, $5.
 Short Sleeve Shirt with Teal, Brown, Tan, size S, $7.
 SOLD! Orange Knit Skirt, size 8, $8.

SOLD! Cool vintage inspired print shirt, size S?, $7. 
 SOLD! Yellow Xappeal sandals, New in Box, size 7 or 8, now $15!
Teal Apt. 9 flops, Retail $20, now $10. Available in S (5/6), M (7/8), L (9/10), or XL (11). 
  SOLD! Mudd Orange Cork Heel Sandals, size 8, New with Tags, Retail $55, now $13.
 $25 Partagas Cigar Box Purse w/ Jade Beaded Handle. 12x5.5.
 $25 Brown Leather purse w/ Wooden Button, Braided Leather Boot Lace Handle. 7.5x7.

Black/White XS - Small Outfit

Black The Limited Linen Skirt, size 6, $5.
 Black/White Kim Rogers Zip-up Jacket, size S, NWT, Retail $40, now $15.
 Black The Limited pants, size 2R, $5.
 Kenar White w/ Black Beads and embroidery, size S, $7.
  SOLD! Simply Vera Wang Black/Silver ballet flats, size 6, New in box, Retail $65, now $14.
 Dana Buchman Black Heels, size 7, New in Box, Retail $70, now $15. 2 pairs available!

 Khaki/Black Medium - Large Outfit

 Tribella Ocean Print Shirt, size L, $5.
 Set of 3 pairs of Earrings, First is Teal/Gold, Second are Silver Peace Signs, Third are mother-of-pearl-ish. Retail $14.50, now only $5! Will match lots of things for spring.

This shirt/jacket has very cool detailing, zippers, subtle beading, etc. Size M/L? $10.
  Black Old Navy Knit Skirt w/ Graduated hemline, size M, NWT, Retail $27, now $8.
 Natural Soul Black Espadrilles, size 7, New with Tags, Retail $70, now $15.

 Linen Xappeal Wedges, size 8 or 9, New in Box, $15! Might be available in other sizes.

 SOLD! Navy Crochet Top Dress w/ Silver Embroidered Hem, NWT, Retail $48, size L, now $15!
SOLD! Orange Crochet Top Dress w/ Silver Embroidered Hem, NWT, Retail $48, size L, now $15!
 Unionbay Boots, size 7.5, New in Box, Retail $70, Now $20.
 Multi-colored Rock Candy Espadrilles, size 7, New in Box, now $15!
 Brown feather hair clips. Retail $12. Now $3!  
Set of 3 pairs of Feather Earrings, Retail $16.50, now $5! 
Peacock feather hair clip. Retail $12. Now $3!

Pink/Floral Large - XL Outfit

Pink Liz Claiborne 100% Linen Shirt Set, size XL, $5 each.
White Ann Taylor Loft Shirt, size 16, $7.
Green/Pink Floral Capris w/ split at the ankles, size 16, $5.
SOLD! Denim Ann Taylor Loft Pants w/ visible stitching detail, size 14, $5.
  Linen Madden Girl Wedges, size 8.5, New in Box, Retail $50, now $15! Might be available in other sizes.
 Fuchsia Xappeal sandals, New in Box, size 7 or 8, now $15! I can get some other sizes.