Saturday, February 2, 2013

Savvy Chicks!

Check out all these great pics of Savvy Chicks in their amazing Savvy Chic clothing!

I LOVE my new clothes, accessories and shoes!!! We had so much fun shopping at your store on Saturday Tracy! Thank you! Even grandma got something she liked! You are an awesome buyer Tracy. Keep it up! I get a lot of compliments from my girlfriends and I love telling them what amazing deals I got! Top quality and each one is unique - just love it! See you next time we are visiting! --Tammy Vagias

Dear Eleni the Great, 84, is pictured here in her lovely savvy, chic sweater.

Lena Caron attending a wedding in her $7 dress!

It's Casual Friday and Eleni Lobene is dressed in Be Savvy Chic from head to toe!

Jennifer de Artaega in her $5 sweater--so savvy chic!

Amy Sugg wearing her $2.50 bracelet.

The sweater Goes really Well with a skirt I Have not Worn in ages! Thank you!--Alex Tutwiler
LaDonna bought 2 fedoras, 3 dresses, 6 pairs of pants, 1 Doncaster Blazer, and 3 tops, all for under $100!  Her Doncaster jacket alone is worth over $400!

Another classy look!

When I feel down I just put my hat on... and feel AWESOME!!!! --Lena Caron

Love my new top from Savvy Chic! --Tammy Vagias

My Doncaster $400 jacket for $20 is awesome! That is the most comfortable jacket I have ever had - so well made! --Tammy Vagias

Picked up Evi early today due to the expected snow-tastrophe. She thinks my super soft pink leather jacket is perfect for cold weather cuddling! :) Love me some Be Savvy Chic! --Eleni Lobene

Another awesome find from Savvy Chic Boutique - thanks Tracy Birdwhistell (You can't go wrong with a sharp, 100% silk blazer for $15!) Love it!

Sorry it cut off my sweater, but the necklace set show too! Love them! What deals! thanks Tracy, you are like a personal shopper! --Tammy Vagias

Just purchased a HUGE bag of clothes from Be Savvy Chic today!!! Can't wait to wear my goods! --Amy Sugg

3 pairs of shoes, 2 hats, 2 scarfs, 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and 2 jackets, all for about $100! This girl can shop!

Jennifer de Arteaga with her awesome earrings and converse sneakers!

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