Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fabulous Fall Finds!

The Be Savvy Chic One Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day was awesome!  Thanks so much to everyone who was able to attend, those who enjoyed FREE Mary Kay Mini-Makeovers, and those who got free gifts and prizes.  Did you remember to grab a coupon before you left?  The last two weeks of October would be a great time to redeem those coupons!

Make an APPOINTMENT to come shop any time October 21-31!

We were able to make our first $200 donation to the Roach Family.  Let's see how much more we can give by the end of the year!  Check out their fundraising page and video here:

Ukraine in the Membrane

We just completed our Be Savvy Chic photoshoot for Fall/Winter.  We went with a whimsical Alice in Wonderland theme which let us show off the trends of Romantic Lace, Luxe Leather, Fur, and Metallics, Menswear-inspired Plaids and Color Blocking, and Ethereal Grays, Pinks, and other surprising Pastels.  This was also the perfect opportunity to use the new Mary Kay at Play and Fairytales and Fantasy makeup collections!  Here are a few Sneak Peeks from the photoshoot!

Make an APPOINTMENT to come shop these and lots of other fabulous fall finds any time October 21-31! 

Alice in Wonderland:  Shoes size 6, $5. Shirt size S $10.
Mad Hatter: Vintage Hats $20, Free People Jumper $15, Shoes 8.5 $5
Attending the Tea Party:  Dress size M $15, Vintage Fur Vest $15
I'm Late! Shoes size 6 $5, Shirt size S $10
Charlotte Russe Tweed Dress, size S, $12
Attending the Tea Party:  Pink Blouse, size XL, $8. New Candies Gold Heels, size 6, $15.
The Queen:  Hooded Winter Coat, size 12, $20.
Feather Cuff Accessories $10.
Now that I've been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for a month, I'm beginning to understand what the term really means.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution for fashion, skin care, or makeup, but I can help you design a custom solution for your specific needs.  And I love having the opportunity to do so!

Make an APPOINTMENT to come try out some of the following in-stock items any time October 21-31!  (and save yourself shipping!)

Click on the images below to see more about the products available.
Mary Kay at Play

Play with Bold, fun colors to let your artistic imagination run wild, for only $10 each!

Mary Kay Fairytales and Fantasy

Indulge in dreamy fairytale pastels, and enchanting fantasy bolds, for only $14-$16 each!

Join my Mascara Club!  Buy any 3 Mascaras or Eye Makeup Remover, get the 4th FREE!

Buy quarterly or all at once!

Schedule a Mary Kay party for you and your friends any time!

We can learn about great skin care products and tips, empowering you and your guests to pamper yourselves daily, and you as hostess can earn free product!  Contact me for more info.  I look forward to getting together soon!

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