Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leather Weather!!!

It's Leather Weather! 

And whether the weather is COLD, 

or whether the weather is HOT, 

You look good in leather, whatever the weather, 

whether you know it or NOT!

Green Charter Club Leather Jacket, size S, only $10!

Dark Oxblood Red Leather Coat/Jacket, Size M, $20

Light Stone Khaki Leather Shirt w/ Buttons and Stitching, Size M, $10

Closeup of Khaki Leather Shirt Stitching

Hot Pink Leather Shirt/Jacket w/ Snaps, Size S, $10

Light Lime Green Leather Shirt/Jacket w/ Zipper, size S(4), $10

Etcetera Brand Leather Skirt, Brown/Purple/Green, size 6, 

Retail Approx $335, Now $15

10% of ENTIRE SALES goes to the adoption of these beautiful children.

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