Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Announcements

Hooray for Summer!  Time for swimming, picnics, and vacations, and you need just the right Be Savvy Chic clothes and accessories for the occasion. Luckily, we have them!   There's a great new selection, just make an appointment to come check them out!

Call or text 919-656-6260 ASAP, many of the clothes I've been buying are selling before I even get a chance to photograph and post them.  The early bird gets the deal!

We had a fantastic 3-day photoshoot to show off some of our great new summer styles, and the pictures are coming very soon.  For now, click on the link below to get a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Day 1.
The photoshoots also featured our new quirky sunglasses, one of the big trends for summer, only $8 each!

 Also, I'm so excited to announce that Be Savvy Chic will now be carrying Jewelry by Alice, a line of jewelry hand-made by a dear family friend, 12 year old Alice DelVecchio.  Click the link below to see a sampling of what is available for $5 - $15.  Make an appointment to come see the jewelry in person!

 Good news!  Our total donation to the N&K adoption is now almost $600.  Just look how these kids are growing!  The Wells family expects to travel to Ukraine soon to bring them home.  Their fund raising is almost done!

The Kaiser family is leaving for Ukraine in only a couple of weeks to bring home sweet Alex!  They are so excited, but also concerned as some new laws may require them to come home without Alex, and make a separate trip back to get her.  One way or another, they will get their little girl home!
Stay tuned!  I will continue to update you on the progress of these families we have been journeying with.  Also, expect a blog post soon to show you the awesome pictures from the photoshoots, and another blog post about how to utilize Be Savvy Chic as an adoption fundraiser. 

Call or text 919-656-6260 for your Be Savvy Chic appointment today!

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