Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Picture is Worth...

What is a picture worth?  At Be Savvy Chic, the pictures I typically post straight from my iPhone aren't going to win any awards, but if they show enough about the garment for you Savvy Chicks to purchase it, then that picture has done its job.
Summer 2013 Clothes
 However, when my friend Elena Caron and I starting discussing the idea of a Be Savvy Chic photoshoot, I was super excited!  The main goal was just to get some quality pictures to show how fabulous a Savvy Chick can look at these great prices!  It also gave us an opportunity to feature some of the Jewelry by Alice and some of Harry's Handmades.  And oh, ok, it was mostly just an excuse to have a lot of FUN!

Check out these albums to see the fruits of our labor.  Thanks to Elena Caron for styling and photography, Alison Brady for providing Mary Kay make-up samples, Jewelry by Alice, and Harry's Handmades.  Also thanks to Lera Cline, Sophia Caron, Eleni Lobene, Timeka Hines, Tamara Lewis, and Elena Caron for modeling, and Aleshia Walker for being our lovely assistant!

Farmers Market
Girls Day Downtown
Girls Night Out
Nature Walk
But the best reward from these photoshoots was something I didn't plan on at all.  When I asked my niece Lera Cline and Lena's daughter Sophia Caron to model for Be Savvy Chic, I was just thinking that they're cute girls, it will be fun for them, they will be patient until we figure out what we're doing, and oh yeah, we can make them babysit on site!  I wasn't thinking that they represent everything about Be Savvy Chic.  I started this business to provide stylish clothes at good prices, yes, but also as a sustainable method to continually give towards Ukrainian adoptions by donating 10% of every purchase.  When I see the gorgeous shots of these two girls who grew up together in a remote orphanage in Ukraine, and now are just sparkling members of our family...well what is THAT picture worth??  Simply priceless.

THEN:  Lera and Sophie in Ukraine

NOW:  Lera and Sophie in North Carolina


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